Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If animals can become masters, so can you!

Donghua University Art Design Institute plans to emphasize their distinguished capability in art instructions. Their aim was to encourage art lovers to step into the art palace without hesitation and master the art of painting.

If animals can become masters, so can you! Seek out anyone's potential for art. Painters: Earthworms, Flour-weevil, Loach, Tortoise. Tools: environmental-friendly non-toxic inorganic pigments.

During the painting progress, all animals were not exposed to any poisonous material. They held an exhibition in the art gallery - 2009 Shanghai Watercolor Painting Exhibition. More than 5000 people have seen it. During the activities, the number of training enrollment of the institute grew by 11%.

Agency: HanTang Communications Group Shanghai, China.

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