Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Café crown skies up to the 5th floor

Café Crown wanted to use it’s concept “Have a Café Crown Break” in a surprising way for its TG. At their direction Youth Republic, Istanbul, Turkey created a surprising sampling for students who made it through the final term by approaching them through dormitory windows with cranes for distributing Café Crowns. This activity bewildered the students, as they had an unforgettable experience; while the brand was able to meet its TG. Credits: Advertising Agency: Youth Republic, Istanbul, Turkey Creative Director: Serhat Gürcü Art Director: Cumhur Gürses Copywriters: Utku Yasavul, Çağrı Alıcı Other additional credits: Seren Pala, Ezgi Sarıoğlu, Barış Özharputlu

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