Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mahesh Parab Dog Training “Bow Wow!”

Mr. Mahesh Parab has always lived, loved and celebrated his four-legged friends. He converted this into a business and runs a personalized dog training service for high pedigree dogs. His clientele was a small set of the affluent in Mumbai, who relied upon him to train the latest addition to their family.
His business has run on word of mouth till date until his decision to advertise his services. Sure it is lovely to see your trained faithful, sit, roll over and behave beautifully when visitors come to stay, top of mind is training it to answer the call of nature in a perfect way.
Keeping in mind the places visited by the kind of clientele Mr. Mahesh Parab caters to, mysterious paw marks were placed leading into washrooms, all the way through to the commode and even on it. On lifting the cover the vistor would find the name and number of Mr. Mahesh Parab. As a result Mr. Mahesh Parab’s life has completely Gone to the dogs.

Client:Mahesh Parab Dog Training
Agency: Percept/H Mumbai, India.
Country: India

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