Monday, December 21, 2009

ESPN Street-Level Interactive Game

ESPN was seeking a groundbreaking interactive game that would promote the season premier of “Monday Night Football”. To present ESPN with this one-of-a-kind digital experience, Monster Media, global leader in storefront body responsive advertising, teamed up with Wieden & Kennedy and MacDonald Media and developed a game where everyone could really “get in the zone”.

Through the fusion of three high-tech features, including: projected capacitive touch, gesture based natural UI and real-time dynamic data, the interactive street level game immersed users in an OOH experience that never seen before. The quarterback selection capability was paired with real-time updates that showed a countdown to the next game.

ESPN’s unique Monster Storefront campaign increased viewer awareness of the 40th season premiere and contributed to “Monday Night Football” receiving the largest audience in the history of cable television and the highest rating in ESPN’s 30-year history. This proves that this game-play display was a positive experience for both ESPN and Monster Media.

Client: ESPN
Agency: Monster Media, Wieden & Kennedy and MacDonald Media, USA.
Country: USA

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