Monday, December 21, 2009

Heart 104.9FM “CD Billboard”

This billboard was created for Hearth 104.9FM at the Waterfont Clock Tower in Cape Town. The public was asked to bring in their old (and even new) CDs to create the largest CD billboard ever made. With Hearth 104.9FM, there’s no need for CDs in Cape Town.

The back, silver-side of each CD was used to spell out and reflect “104.9FM”, while the front, non-reflective side made up the rest of the billboard. Participants were able to pick a number, have their CD placed on that number on the billboard and stand a chance to win a variety of instant prizes and vouchers. The billboard is 12 x 3 meters and was transported to a high-traffic area in Cape Town. It took 1.930 CDs to make this musical billboard.

Client: Hearth 104.9FM
Agency: Lowe Bull Cape Town, South Africa
Country: South Africa

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