Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pattex “The Art of Gluing”

It was noticed that the majority of people perceive super glue as an adhesive to stick two pieces of a broken item back together, Pattex wanted to shift that perception and reinforce Pattex’s capability of sticking a multiple of surfaces together firmly. They create 3 installations made of scraps glued together and place them in high traffic areas, Faculty of Apllied arts, Azher Park and another populous Public Garden in Sayeda Zienab where they were admired by passers by.
The event started on 02-10-2010 and continued for 3 days. Over 5200 people saw the installations, and a lot of questions were raised such as the price, places of distribution, ect… Consumers were shown first hand the effectiveness of Pattex Glue and its various uses.
Credits:- Client: Pattex Agency: TBWA\ Cairo, Egypt. Country: Egypt

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