Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tailgating Isn’t Worth It- Give Trucks Room. It’s The Law!

On Monday, they revealed the latest part of their campaign for the Colorado State Patrol – a 3D billboard that is crunched together to simulate a rear-end collision between a car and truck

Clearly the addition of Paul Suggett as Creative Director/Copywriter and Gordy Hirsch as Art Director is steering Amélie in the right direction. The board was built by Bill Kinsey ofEyeCandyProps, with retouching by Armando Martinez and illustration by Richard Feldman.


  1. 3D bill board has given a perfect depth to the Message...
    Jacob George

  2. I like Colorado State Patrol Billboard Collision because its eye catching and art of the unexpected, with Colorado State Patrol innovative advertizing idea which raising responsibilities in traffic wanted to scare the driver with billboard attention to dangers of aggressive and fast driving behind the truck, the target were drivers typical male in his mid twenties who regularly drive to work every day and who consider themselves secure and safe driver but on the contrary they are a threat because they are too sure of themselves and that is the beginning of the end, visit my blog Reklamiranje firme with detailed descriptions of advertisements