Sunday, June 6, 2010

Goodyear Goes Neon- Coz Danger Lies Around The Corner

The Problem: Most of Columbia’s major intercity highways cut through remote countryside, so free-ranging cows, domestic animals and stray pets are familiar sight along the way. Common scenes at dawn and dusk are scores of peasants trudging along the shoulder of the road making their daily trek to and from their jobs, and cyclists on the highway pedaling with caution thrown to the wind. That’s why a simple drive along the highway of Columbia can turn into a real nightmare. Columbia is one of the countries with the highest accidental rates that results in a higher number of fatalities.
The Solution: This presented Y&R Bogota, Columbia with an opportunity to reach out to the Columbia n driver and get idea across that there‘s nothing like a good pair of tires for steering around the dangers that lurk in the murky light of dawn and dusk. For the same the agency set up the brand experience in motion by putting up neon signs at night on two of the highways with the highest accident rates with stray animals and cyclists. A few yards down the road, they placed another neon street sign that unmistakably singled out the concept of the campaign- “Danger lies around the corner. Goodyear.”
Credits: Client: Goodyear Agency: Y&R Bogota, Columbia Country: Columbia

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