Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post-it “Memory is Fragile”

Post-it is a product commonly used in offices, however a great potential market for this brand are actually college students. Post-it wanted to reach this market. How can they make college students feel the need to use Post-it? They placed an alternative medium in the most important college campus, knowing that one of the main things students usually forget, is returning borrowed books to the libraries.

An ice sculpture with the phrase “Return The English Book” was made. Below the sculpted phrase you can see the line: “Memory is Fragile” and the logo of the brand: Post-it. This phrase progressively melted dramatizing the idea of memory being so fragile. By doing this, the passerby received a relevant message in an unexpected way, that can stay in their memory at least until they get a Post-it.


Client: Post It

Agency: El Garaje Lowe Lima, Peru.

Country: Peru

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