Monday, September 28, 2009

LAFA- Helps Stockholmers To Safe Sex

Even though young people know that condoms are generally a good idea, they aren't that good at using them. The target group20-30 has become more careless and consequentially Chlamdia, HIV and other disease are growing in numbers.
The problem, as studies suggest, has to do with the attitude. Young people seen condoms as an embarrassing break, a must-do at best, and many are afraid that they will be perceived unfavorable, if they suggest a condom.
In order to over come this, LAFA- The Stockholm Country Aids Prevention Program teamed up with their agency -Ester, Stockholm, Sweden to make condoms a natural part of fun to safe sex. In doing so, they handed out 1, 00,000 free condoms in Stockholm.
Every condom was printed with a unique number (from no.1 to 100,000) and at the campaign blog people could upload their own stories about what happened to their specific number. In other words; how the condom was put to use.
The condoms were distributed at bus stations, festivals and through special condom posters at bars and cafes. Print ads, banners, v iral films and guerilla supported the campaign. Please note that "08" is the area code for Stockholm.
The result was outstanding; as the blog was visited by over 1, 10,000 Stockholmers. Hundreds of hones and sexy stories were submitted. The numbered condoms were featured in all the large newspapers, on Prime Time TV and National Radio, in thousands of blogs and twitters. The campaign was widely praised by every one from sex bloggers to politicians. Approximately 100,000 young Swedes got laid, safely.

Client: LAFA- The Stockholm Country Aids Program
Agency: Ester, Stockholm, Sweden
Country: Sweden

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