Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gillette Promotes Clean Shaven Look @ Office Lifts

Ambient marketing operations are often one-shots with more resonance line than in reality. That is okay, but when ambient knows a course worthy of the name, we can only applaud. This time, the credit goes to Gillette since the brand has signed an operation last March noted, in São Paulo. 40 elevators located in office buildings were indeed stuffed with synthetic fur, simulating the presence of a beard of several days. The door was playing the role of the skin smooth and welcomed the message of Gillette: "You prefer the shaved skin? 98% of women too. ""Even if the fur looked rather pleasant to the touch, there is no doubt about the memorable aspect of the opera. The message also fell into oblivion right out of the elevator as it was enhanced by sampling in the lobby of the buildings concerned.


Client: Gillette

Agency: Ponto de criação

Country: Brazil

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